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An inside look at BrightTALK Channels – now with Talks!

BrightTALK's recent release of talks has set a new standard for webinars and videos. It is now easier than ever to reach new audiences with more inspiring webinars and videos. Join this short [...]


A Case Study – How socialondemand® Doubled Avnet’s Connections

When global IT solutions distributor, Avnet, wanted to create unique channel value for its vendors and business partners, it turned to purechannelapps to leverage the power of [...]

Seven New Features for BrightTALK Channel Owners in 2012

We started 2012 with the resolution to continue providing our BrightTALK Channel owners with the best experience for getting heard in the crowded market. Although most personal New Year’s [...]

Four BrightTALK Channel Owners Who Made the Most Out of Their Channels in 2012

In 2012 we released a number of new features that enhanced the BrightTALK experience from both an audience and channel owner perspective (read about them in the upcoming sixth post from the 12 [...]


Building a Multichannel Webinar Strategy

Today's leading businesses are running a multichannel webinar strategy that continuously delivers relevant content to fragmented target audiences while also centralizing and standardizing data [...]


Reaching, Engaging, Measuring and Closing the Digital Buyer

In 2011, buyers averaged 10.7 information sources before making purchasing decisions (Source: ZMOT, Google). With buyers increasingly self-educating online, brands are placing progressively more [...]

BrightTALK Widgets Have Arrived

As BrightTALK Channel owners already know, the power to embed channel listings and webcasts in websites and blogs is an indispensable part of attracting viewers to their content. It means their [...]

8 Tips for Creating a Successful BrightTALK Channel

Everyone strives to have the most successful BrightTALK Channel, running online events and webcasts to a packed audience online, but how do they pull this off? What is the recipe for success when [...]

Integrating Online Events into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Marketers can integrate online events into their content marketing strategy in a number of ways. You can sponsor online events, such as BrightTALK Summits, which feature a variety of webcasts all [...]