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Operationalizing Sales & Marketing Alignment

When asked if they have good Sales and Marketing alignment, many leaders would quickly nod their heads. "Of course we do!" But when it comes down to it, is that alignment real? Are there clear [...]

Marketing Technology for 2018—and Beyond

Technology is changing the marketing landscape—adding to the marketer’s toolkit, but also making their jobs more complex. While content creation and distribution are as important as ever, [...]


Make Your Customers Your Partners

In today’s sharing economy, people like to offer their insights and expertise. Let them. By embracing your most loyal followers, you can gain authenticity and reach. Prospects and other [...]

Content’s Role in Influencing the Customer Experience

As more B2B companies evolve, scale, and publish their content marketing, international markets are flooded with noise and thought leadership. According to TrackMaven, companies increased their [...]

5 Things We Learned from the B2B Content Marketing Summit

Did you know that leading social sellers are 51% more likely to make quota? Or that 62% of B2B marketers say the most important element of content marketing success is audience relevance? These [...]