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Build Marketing Credibility with the Right Metrics

It's more crucial than ever that we as marketers not only know how our programs are performing, but also possess the data to prove that performance. You may have awesome click-through rates and [...]

The Opportunities of Data-Driven Marketing

Few senior-executive positions will be subject to as much change over the next few years as that of the chief marketing officer, reports McKinsey. This is due to developments in digital [...]

Guest Author: Laura Patterson, VisionEdge Marketing, Inc – Analytics: The Essential Ace in the Hole

Would you agree to play a card game with cards missing from the deck? Of course not! We’d know our odds of winning would be significantly diminished. Yet, many marketers are willing to implement [...]

Email Marketing: Where Words and Numbers Intersect

“Marketing is not about creativity and imagination anymore, it is about analytics,” said Cory Haynes, Director of eBusiness at Russell Investments, at a “Lunch & Learn” discussion at BrightTALK [...]