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B2B Animation: Repurposing Existing Content

In a world where content is increasingly more complex and data-centric, B2B marketers are turning to animation to create engaging videos and gifs that stand out without breaking the [...]

Our New Look: Exposing Relevant Content to the World of Business Professionals

We’ve taken a big step to improve the user experience on BrightTALK today. We’re inspired daily by the quality and quantity of knowledge shared by our 1,000,000+ users and are committed to [...]

What Facebook Timeline Means for B2B Brands

Have you seen any brand pages on Facebook with the new “timeline” layout? You’ve probably noticed this new design on a number of personal profiles pages on Facebook. The social giant has decided [...]

Thoughts from the BrightTALK Academy: How to Be a Presentation God

Do you change the world every time you present? According to Scott Schwertly, this should be at the forefront of our minds when we are planning and delivering presentations. In October, [...]


How to Be a Presentation God

We've all been there: an Excel spreadsheet smeared across a presentation slide and someone mumbling into a microphone while you check your email just to stay awake. It's presentation hell, and it [...]