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BrightTALK’s 2020 Benchmarks Report

We’ve analyzed a wealth of data, looking at over 125,000 webinars and videos hosted on BrightTALK in 2020, and consolidated everything you need to know into BrightTALK’s 2020 Benchmarks Report. [...]


Increase Conversions with Demand Gen Strategies for a New Era of Connections

Today, we expect everyone and everything to be connected. Always. In this connected economy, information is so easily accessible, that the relationship between buyers and sellers has been changed [...]

Infographic: 4 Essential Stats B2B Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore

The web is jam packed with juicy tips and tricks for digital marketers, but when it comes to B2B marketing specifically, statistics can be harder to come by. This infographic, which focuses [...]

How to Be a Legendary Content Creator

The demand for quality content in B2B marketing is the highest it has ever been. A recent survey conducted by MarketingProfs and CMI found that over 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. [...]

Harness the Power of Video to Reach, Engage, and Understand Business Professionals

As video content has become integral to B2B marketers’ digital strategy and global video consumption is skyrocketing, savvy marketers are looking for ways to leverage this trend to continue [...]