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Update Your Windows OS If You Don’t WannaCry

Last Friday saw the start of the biggest cyber attack on record. Over the course of one weekend, computer malware targeting Windows OS infected over 230,000 computers in more than 150 countries [...]


Cyber vs. Cyber: Combating Ransomware & Other Threats in the Financial Sector

Will deep learning and cognitive AI soon become the first path to cyber threat detection and mitigation strategies? As bad actors continue to exploit the distributed power of the internet and [...]


Ransomware: Threats, Impact & Expert Recommendations on How to Defend Against It

The massive ransomware infection that spread across computers in over 150 countries since Friday, May 12 and crippled hospitals and businesses worldwide, demonstrated how devastating a cyber [...]

Expert Q&A: Marketing to IT Professionals with Rich Media

As a marketer, understanding your target audience and their content consumption preferences is a foundational component to running successful campaigns. It’s why we create buyer personas, conduct [...]

Top Five IT Security Webinars of 2012

2012 gave rise to a whole host of new threats for IT security managers. Hackers are no longer just out for notoriety; they're skilled professionals with deep-pocketed backers. Significant growth [...]


Top Five Information Security Webinars of 2011

2011 has seen many disruptive changes that have revolutionized the way technology is used by both individuals and organizations around the world. The growing popularity of virtualization and [...]


The 5 Best Information Security Webcasts of 2010

As 2010 comes to a close we have selected the top five webcasts from the year to offer you the opportunity to view the key webcasts that your IT security peers have found most engaging. Presented [...]