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The Impact of Video in B2B Marketing in 2017

Video is no longer just a buzzword in marketing. It is a revenue generation tool that every B2B marketer needs to utilize in order to help their business grow. But the options available are [...]


Amplifying Webinar ROI in Marketing Automation

As marketing continues to grow more scientific, vendors are expected to deliver more value not only in their own technologies, but also in combination with the rest of the marketing tech stack. [...]

The Ultimate Power Duo: Marketing Automation and Webinars

Integrating your marketing automation and webinar platforms is a smart way to get more value out of each system, while also tightening alignment within your marketing tech stack. With webinars, [...]

Introducing Best Practice Templates for Marketo & BrightTALK

Do you use Marketo and BrightTALK? If so, you likely know about the long list of benefits that comes with integrating these two powerful systems. But with our newly released best practice [...]

The New BrightTALK Pardot Connector: Engage with Your Best Prospects Today

Faster sales cycles, advanced campaign insights, and improved marketing and sales alignment: three ways the new BrightTALK Pardot connector helps marketers efficiently manage their webinar [...]

2015 in Review: Lead Deliveries Made Simple

Timing is essential when it comes to connecting with your best prospects. Most webinar technologies will only integrate with your CRM or marketing automation platform on a daily basis or it’ll [...]

2015 in Review: Gold Mining Made Easy: Integrate BrightTALK with Your Other Platforms

BrightTALK provides marketers with the highest grade of data around those who engage with their content. Every time a professional watches a webinar, it tells us something about them that helps [...]

Convert Leads Faster with Webinar Integrations

Webinar engagement data provides your sales team with rich data about prospects to aid in identifying and connecting with the hottest leads. Why is this? Webinar platforms that track how long [...]

Reach Prospects Faster with the New BrightTALK HubSpot Connector

Marketing and sales can further optimize performance and accelerate prospects through the sales cycle with the brand new BrightTALK HubSpot connector. The connector equips marketers with a [...]


Three Ways to Use Marketing Automation to Get More from Your Webinars

As a marketer, you know that the number of marketing technology vendors is nearly doubling every year, forcing us to optimize, streamline, and automate our efforts in unprecedented ways just to [...]

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