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Who Is the IT Visionary? [Infographic]

With IT spend comprising a substantial chunk of business budgets today, we wanted to better understand what motivates IT buyers and how marketers can influence their purchase decisions. To [...]

Are You Using These 5 Strategies to Influence the IT Visionary?

Meet Erik. Erik is an IT visionary and potential buyer. Now, what does that mean? He works tirelessly to lead his company forward. His role tasks him to understand current and potential threats, [...]

Expert Q&A: Marketing to IT Professionals with Rich Media

As a marketer, understanding your target audience and their content consumption preferences is a foundational component to running successful campaigns. It’s why we create buyer personas, conduct [...]


Making Webinars Human Again: Marketing to the IT Professional

There are constant threats and endless problems that IT pros are addressing on a daily basis. Marketers often times steer clear of engaging, humorous and fun content marketing due to the serious [...]