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Refine Your Lead Scoring with 3 Quick Tips

A new lead scoring study from Demand Gen Report is shedding light on how marketers use lead scoring and where there’s room for improvement. Some of the results were predictable, but there were [...]

Prioritizing Prospects with Webinar Lead Scoring

It’s no secret that webinars are one of the most effective lead gen tactics. With live and on-demand availability, they attract large audiences and capture in-depth insights on viewers as they [...]

In Brief

BrightTALK Guide to Lead Scoring for Webinars

While not everyone who attends a webinar is a sales-ready lead, each interaction significantly improves your lead quality, enabling you to properly nurture and convert viewers into loyal [...]

Launching a Demand Gen Webinar Program in 2016? Here Are the Guides to Get You Started

Are you starting to run webinar programs in 2016? Or maybe revamping your video and webinar strategy altogether to improve performance? Running a stellar webinar program might seem complex, but [...]


Improve Lead Scoring Efficiency with Webinar Engagement Data

Marketing and sales teams need more behavioral information on prospects to initiate smarter conversations and close more deals. Numerous prospects will engage with your content, but not all are [...]

Why Benchmarks Matter — Relevant Data

Who doesn’t love to compare and contrast things, especially our own performance? Marketers care about performance perhaps a little more than other professionals because we need to know the [...]

How Should You Score Webinar Leads?

Webinar programs provide an exceptional amount of data about your audience. You can learn a great deal from the information your prospects provide and their behavior before, during, and after [...]

Are You Ignoring Your Most Powerful Lead Qualification Tool?

Lead qualification is one of the top uses for business webinars. In an attempt to qualify the best sales leads, webinar vendors and webinar hosts may employ lead scoring based on answers to [...]

One Engagement Marketing Platform

Inspired by the popular December holiday song, we present to you the 12 days of webinars and videos. In the next 12 posts we’ll be sharing with you highlights from 2012, tips and best practices [...]

The Path to Demand Generation Success

When I joined BrightTALK in 2008, BrightTALK had just released a powerful webinar and video platform that enabled companies to generate demand and create awareness around their thought leadership [...]