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Executive Roundtable: Marketing Attribution & ROMI

For most marketers, connecting the dots between campaigns and revenue poses a complex challenge. With extended B2B sales cycles, it’s difficult to track and analyze each touchpoint, and even [...]

How to Measure Webinar and Video Program ROI

While webinar programs are still one of the most effective ways for B2B marketers to generate demand, they can also make up a significant part of a marketing team's budget and bandwidth. However, [...]


Guest Post – Gina Balarin: What’s the ROI on Fun?

Recently I spoke at the BrightTALK and Spiceworks Technology Marketers Meet-Up. They gave me a dinosaur to say thanks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool dinosaur, but what exactly is the purpose of [...]

We’re Better Together – The Value of Marketing Partners

While partnerships may not be a new marketing phenomenon, they are gaining more management airtime due to their strategic importance and potentially impressive ROI. In a nutshell, they involve [...]