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Partner Marketing Visionaries: Measuring Alliance ROI and Delivering More of it

In this live webinar, partner marketing executives from VMware, Oracle and Pure Storage share insights on how to sustainably develop alliance partner programs that achieve the highest levels of [...]


The Role of Sales & Marketing Alignment in ABM

As ABM has taken the marketing world by storm, marketers have become laser-focused on creating stronger, more personal relationships with their prospects and customers. While much of this lies in [...]


ABM – The Route to Sales and Marketing Alignment Nirvana?

It's often said that achieving sales and marketing alignment is nirvana. In fact, that's the very topic we'll be discussing in an upcoming BrightTALK webinar panel alongside Peter Lundie and Greg [...]

Sales & Marketing Alignment: Working Together Towards a Common Vision

Sales and marketing alignment is challenging, but improvements significantly increase the likelihood of winning new business. Effectively using a team of sales development representatives (SDRs), [...]

5 Tips for Enabling Your Sales Team to Share Your Content

Marketers have a tough job these days – they need to acquire, nurture, and grow customers to hit their goals and contribute to their organization’s bottom line. They also need to work with their [...]

What’s Sales Enablement Got to Do with Demand Generation?

Modern B2B marketers like numbers. We want to know conversion rates, cost per lead, revenue generated and a host of other stats. In our mission to build demand generation that delivers real [...]

Leveraging Webinar Engagement Data to Ace Sales Calls

Inside sales teams have to constantly be on their dialer - the herculean task of hitting and surpassing their never ending daily call quotas and closing deals. According to a recent study by [...]

How Marketing Operations Accelerates the Effectiveness of Marketing Programs

As technology grows increasingly important to marketers, the marketing operations function is developing rapidly within organizations. A relatively new role in the marketing world, this function [...]

Catch Up with the Latest Thinking from the SiriusDecisions Summit in London

BrightTALK was privileged to be an exhibitor at the SiriusDecisions EMEA Summit this week! Arguably the top event for B2B marketers, especially within the technology industry, the summit was [...]


Does Sales Love Your Marketing?

Have you ever wondered why your sales and marketing teams don't get on, or are you in an organization where they're both at each other’s throats? According to Aberdeen Group, better aligned sales [...]