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Welcome to BrightTALK: The Value of Community

If you ever visit the BrightTALK office in San Francisco and ask for a tour, you’ll probably hear something like this: “Welcome to BrightTALK! Follow me...this first cluster of desks is HR and [...]

Celebrating Gratitude and Community at BrightTALK’s Thanksgiving

Dish upon dish and pie after pie poured into the kitchen of BrightTALK’s San Francisco office last Friday as we prepared for our annual Thanksgiving potluck. As is tradition, each employee was [...]

Giving Thanks in My First Days at BrightTALK

Author Robert Caspar Lintner once said, “Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.” As the holiday season officially begins this week in the U.S., the BrightTALK San Francisco [...]

BrightTALK: A Feast of Knowledge

At high noon on Monday, November 19th, the BrightTALK San Francisco office stopped working and started the more important project of feasting. It was a Thanksgiving potluck, and even before the [...]

Happy Thanksgiving from BrightTALK

Although Thanksgiving is a US holiday and BrightTALK was founded in the UK, the San Francisco office decided to celebrate with a potluck luncheon on Monday. The feast was complete with [...]