The BrightTALK Channel: Combining Brand Consistency, Event Promotion, and Site Analytics in One Simple Tool

The BrightTALK Channel: Combining Brand Consistency, Event Promotion, and Site Analytics in One Simple Tool

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Leveraging your live and on-demand events is a key element to a successful webinar program. Most webinar platforms will send you the recording for you to manually upload and distribute after the event has happen – which is a missed opportunity. These manual uploads to your website or YouTube can be time consuming and often fall off your task of things to do, minimizing your touch points for exposure.

Fortunately, BrightTALK has combined all these responsibilities into one powerful and easy-to-use tool.

The BrightTALK Channel provides you with the ability to embed events directly on your website or blog alongside your branding, calls to action, and site navigation.

All of your past, present and future live and on-demand events can be promoted to your audience in easily embeddable widgets that you can place in as many web locations as you like.

An added benefit? Audience registrations and activity from all embedded locations are seamlessly recorded in one channel reporting system.

Your BrightTALK Channel features include (but not limited to):

  • Embed your content in as many locations as you’d like. Your audience will still have a seamless experience but you’ll see all the data recorded in a single channel reporting system.
  • BrightTALK Channel widgets dynamically update on your site to promote past, present and future events and link to the main channel’s landing page, drawing viewers to other related content.
  • Embed the slide feature widget to promote specific webinars. It scrolls through the title slides of the featured webinar right on the page of your choice and redirects viewers to the webinar’s default location with a click.
  • Embed the Channel List widget to promote past and upcoming live and on-demand events on your site. It allows site users to browse and search your list by interest and simply click to play content or register for upcoming events.
  • Customize the look and feel of your channel and widgets to create brand consistency and visually align with your website’s layout.

Many of our users tell us that the ability to embed event listings and webinars in websites and blogs is a phenomenal way to personalize their brand experience. The content remains discoverable by keeping it permanently and contextually accessible on the appropriate sites while still getting exposure to new audiences on

To learn more about this and other ways to elevate your webinar game, join Salesforce on the BrightTALK Academy LIVE on November 18th at 11:00am PST for Webinar Pros: How Salesforce Elevated the Webinar into a Top Lead Gen Program. Salesforce’s Webinar Lead will discuss how they leverage BrightTALK for webinar success, best practices for effective promotion, and how to re-imagine your webinars as a two-way dialogue with your audience.

For a sneak peek, here’s how Salesforce customized their BrightTALK embed to reflect the look and feel of their brand:


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