The Evolution of Content Repurposing

The Evolution of Content Repurposing

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As content marketing has evolved as a marketing tactic, we’ve debated and challenged the best ways to efficiently leverage content to impact the bottom line at scale while proving data-driven value.

No matter the size of your marketing team, or whether or not you have a dedicated content marketing function, there’s always a disparity between bandwidth and objectives. Marketers have turned to content repurposing as a result of the maze that is today’s buyer’s journey.

Depending on the age and size of your company, repurposing can have a different impact, but at the heart of it, it comes down to dispersing your message to a broader portion of your target audience, in a variety of formats.

Outlined is an overview of the various approaches to repurposing content. For more in-depth insights, join us Wednesday as we discuss content’s role throughout the buyer’s digital journey.

Fundamental repurposing

This form of repurposing takes a meatier piece of content and manipulates it into various shorter assets. A single white paper may hold numerous sections worth of rich content. An easy way to stretch your message in different formats is take all possible insights and create them in new formats.

For example, if your white paper shares 5 top secrets to influencer marketing, you can create a video highlighting the secrets, an infographic with a short blurb about each one, a blog series uncovering the secrets, a podcast with an industry expert — and then leverage all of the insights for social posts to promote the new and existing assets.

Your white paper already has a ton of insights that merely just need new packaging to reach a larger audience. This form of repurposing doesn’t take different stages of the journey into consideration, but rather keeps the same tone throughout.

Stretching content throughout the funnel

Another way that marketers fuel their demand gen funnel is by taking a longer piece of content, such as a webinar or white paper, and crafting content that aligns best to that stage in the buyer’s journey.

The thought is that shorter pieces of content should attract larger audiences with industry information while remaining vendor neutral. Whereas the information from the webinar or white paper fuels later stage content with the value proposition tied closely in the messaging.

The key here is that the look and feel is all consistent but delivers the right piece of content — to the right buyer — at the right time.

content repurposing

The lifecycle of the customer

With the rise of ABM, marketing teams have further refined their approach to include content for specific buyers. Rather than trying to target every buyer at the right moment, marketing and sales have pivoted to look at their best customers and replicate that experience.

For content, this brings up two key questions to answer:

  1. What are the biggest problems that customer solved with your product/service?
  2. How do you help them optimize that obstacle even further?

From there, you can identify a relevant topic for your next piece of  content and work backwards (#flipmyfunnel). Starting with customer marketing, you then evolve the content for sales, such as demo presentations and marketing collateral, to help them close deals with prospects who are looking to solve that exact problem.

And of course, the last part is using those key insights to create wide-reaching, top-of-funnel content to engage with all potential prospects. The distinct difference here is that you’re starting with the customer and working your way backwards with the key themes to nurture your prospects through their digital researching journey.

Note: Unlike stretching your content, the collateral may not all look the same. The theme amplifies your customer collateral and places it at all stages of the customer journey.

content repurposing

Love content marketing and interested to learn more about how content fuels marketing, sales, and customer success? Join BrightTALK and Uberflip on Wednesday, July 20 at 11am Pacific as we discuss how to expand your marketing impact with content. Register below!

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