The Great BrightTALK Bake Off

The Great BrightTALK Bake Off

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Here at BrightTALK’s London office, we wanted to do something for Pancake Day. Our office kitchen, however, wasn’t quite equipped to accommodate a pancake-cooking contest. Fortunately, however, BrightTALK team is never short on innovative ideas, so we decided to host The Great BrightTALK Bake Off (for our global followers, the name is linked to a highly successful BBC programme).

The rules were simple; each business team could bake whatever they desired and then, leveraging their business brains, decide on a pricing strategy. Whichever team raised the most money for the chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, would be declared the winner and forever take pride in their culinary skills.

On Tuesday 12th February, The Great BrightTALK Bake Off was officially declared open at 11am – in time for our elevenses. For the rest of the day the office seemed to run on a natural sugar high of homemade cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, scones, and much more. The indulgence was plentiful but the reward and satisfaction of raising £220 in one day for a fantastic charity was the cherry on top!

Macmillan offer coffee morning packs for any organizers. I would urge businesses to partake since the benefits of camaraderie are invaluable to any organization and it is very satisfying to help a great cause that makes a difference to those affected by cancer.

You can find more photos from the event on our Facebook page.

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