The Impact of Branding on Event Success

The Impact of Branding on Event Success

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Strong brands drive sales by differentiating themselves from competitors. By encompassing the unique value proposition of the company, the brand can influence an individual’s perception of a company’s products and consequently their purchasing decisions. Creating a strong brand requires integrated marketing communications, where all client touch points are communicating the same distinct message and reinforcing the brand strategy.

Online events are particularly effective at reinforcing the overall brand strategy beyond just communicating a distinct message. They also provide a number of opportunities to showcase a company’s brand through promotion before, during, and after the event. However, many marketers are failing to take advantage of the contribution online events can make to building their brand by not reinforcing their brand guidelines in these events as they would for traditional marketing communications.

This is a major oversight and in her webcast, Using Brand to Drive Demand, Jan McDaniel, Chief Marketing Officer at BrightTALK, explains the importance of successfully branding online events. In particular, she demonstrates how many opportunities there are to implement your brand and gain brand impressions by using a BrightTALK webcast, Webcasting 101, as an example. Over 18 months, Webcasting 101 generated over 14,000 brand impressions through invitation, reminder and post event emails. Website promotion, such as embedding the webcast on the company website and branding the media player, created over 5,500 brand impressions. The content of the webcast, including the design of the slides as well as the message, additionally created over 1000 brand impressions.

Marketers can use the brand impressions generated by online events to build their brand further by infusing their brand elements into their webcast. Companies need to use consistent language, format and imagery to take advantage of every touch point online events offer and avoid brand “schizophrenia.” Online events if used to their full potential and branded properly, can drive companies forward as market leaders and produce a greater value.

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