The Monthly Rewind: April 2023

Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
May 9, 2023

A monthly recap for B2B marketers and sellers for what to watch, read and know

Every day B2B marketers and sellers strive to make real business impact through the work they do – whether it’s in an email campaign or outreach from an SDR – all in the hopes of connecting with buyers in a meaningful way. In this month’s Rewind we’ve pulled together a collection of resources that can help you make an impact with your buyers through activities you’re already doing, as well as new activities to incorporate into your efforts.

What to watch

Maximizing Marketing ROI with Derivative Content

Getting the most out of content is crucial for marketing organizations to deliver the most value to their audience. But generating and distributing high-quality content across an increasing number of channels is challenging, especially with limited resources. Watch this webinar to explore how creating derivative content from existing assets can improve a marketing team’s return on investment.

High Impact Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Fully integrated companies are more profitable, drive faster growth, and make happier customers. Yet, most sales and marketing teams struggle with achieving this ideal. Join Samantha Stone, founder of The Marketing Advisory Network, as she discusses the actions top performing teams take to enable impactful sales and marketing collaboration.

What to read

Build a Better Webinar: Recruiting & Prepping Speakers

Webinar speakers can be the key to your webinar’s success – or its downfall. For impactful and valuable webinars every time, teams need a scalable process to identify and recruit the right speakers. Download this e-book for tips on how to identify great webinar speakers, recruit them to speak in your session, and help them prepare to be their best on camera.

Multi-Threading: Successfully Bring Buying Teams Together

Data shows that B2B buying decisions are made by collaborative groups – and the number of people within these buying groups is growing. The challenge for sellers is to identify and engage this growing number of buying group members. In this blog we examine how sellers can use multi-threading – a technique focused on engaging various stakeholders in a buying team.

Walk a Mile in Your Buyers’ Shoes
To effectively engage audiences and build revenue-yielding relationships, marketers must establish a deep understanding of their buyers – their roles, pressures, challenges and objectives. This e-book shares expert insights on how marketers can use empathy to drive deeper engagement with buyers and how to create more buyer-centric content.

What to know

A Few Things To Understand About your B2B Buyer Journey to Drive Purpose Driven Marketing Initiatives

Today’s B2B buying journey is influenced by a range of factors that can make the traditional B2B funnel challenging, if not impossible to align marketing frameworks to. Read this blog from Martech to explore key areas of the buying funnel marketers should revisit to drive more impactful initiatives this year.

Five Questions To Inspire Conversation On B2B Personalization

In order to be truly customer-centric in everything they do, B2B marketers should constantly reexamine and redefine how they’re using personalization to put the customer first. In this blog, Forrester Principal Analyst Jessie Johnson covers five questions to guide conversation around what’s working and what could work better in your organization’s approach to B2B personalization.

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