The New BrightTALK Pardot Connector: Engage with Your Best Prospects Today

The New BrightTALK Pardot Connector: Engage with Your Best Prospects Today

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Faster sales cycles, advanced campaign insights, and improved marketing and sales alignment: three ways the new BrightTALK Pardot connector helps marketers efficiently manage their webinar programs to quickly pass leads to sales and drive more revenue.

The connector enables marketers to identify and reach their best prospects by pushing the latest data from BrightTALK into Pardot, including webinar engagement, demographics, and survey responses.

This rich data is transferred hourly, providing sales teams rapid access to leads so they can follow up on the most engaged prospects right away. According to, between 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that first responds to a prospect’s inquiry — making it critical to follow up quickly.

The BrightTALK Pardot connector enables marketers to effortlessly:

  • Automate campaigns. Save time by automating tedious but important manual tasks, like managing spreadsheets and uploading leads into Pardot.
  • Score, nurture, and assign leads. Enable your sales team to respond rapidly to the buying behaviors of your audience to close business faster.
  • Improve webinar promotions. Evaluate the effectiveness of your promotions by setting up UTM parameters to track lead sources.
  • Track ROI. Get deep insight into your webinar programs to analyze your marketing program spend.

Our simple setup eliminates the need for system integrators or a multi-month deployment process. The connector only needs to be set up once, and it will sync previous contacts and all future audience activity in your BrightTALK Channel.

Also using Salesforce? Connect your BrightTALK channel with your CRM today.

For more information on how to get started with the connector, please contact your customer success manager.

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