The New Face of Online Communities

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During my conversations with CMOs and other senior marketers at this year’s CMO Council Summit, they shared with me their top challenges. In particular, they are aiming to improve the following:

1.  Digital demand generation and online relationship building
2.  Customer segmentation and targeting
3.  Go-to-market effectiveness

It’s not surprising that digital demand generation and online relationship building is top of mind. Digital marketing used to be simple enough as few communities of many congregated around a limited universe of web properties. Now the few communities of many are increasingly evolving to many communities of fewer. As buyers disperse across more and more web properties and devices, marketers are struggling to keep up with the pace of their target audience fragmentation.

In my humble opinion, the chase will only get harder, so it’s critical that you turn some of your traditional digital marketing techniques on their head and take a fresh look at digital demand generation and online relationship building. Marketers need to start building online communities that create a place for their target audience to obtain and share relevant knowledge.

The next step will be to get better at answering questions such as:

  • How are buyers behaving online?
  • What does “online communities” actually mean?
  • How do you deliver the right content, through the right format, at the right time in the right place?
  • How do you measure engagement in a distributed world to generate measurable demand for your sales organization?
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    That is so true – marketers have to start building online communities. The online world is constantly growing and everyday there are more and more potentional clients registering their accounts on social media such as twitter or facebook. There is a field to work at. And marketers have to learn how to work there.

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