The Path to Demand Generation Success

The Path to Demand Generation Success

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When I joined BrightTALK in 2008, BrightTALK had just released a powerful webinar and video platform that enabled companies to generate demand and create awareness around their thought leadership in their marketplace. I had joined the company to help sell this product to marketers but soon discovered that although we had created a great tool for companies to generate demand we had a gap in how we planned to generate our own demand and build awareness in such a competitive space.

In 2009 I shifted my focus to creating a program for using our technology to generate our own demand and set the goal to run one webinar per week related to best practices for using webinars and videos to support marketing and sales objectives and to help build a business. Some might call this “eating our own dog food.” It was a humbling time as the program was sourced by just two marketing professionals and everything was manual, including lead scoring, lead uploading, and sales enablement. We certainly felt like we had something to prove and our small team eagerly took on the task of building the most sophisticated webinar and video demand generation program.

Fast-forward a few years and our demand generation team now consists of five global resources and continues to grow. We’ve grown our marketing community from zero to a respectful 70,000 professionals. Our efforts source over 4,000 net-new leads per month with 600-700 of those leads sent to sales through real-time demographic and behavioral lead scoring. Lead sourcing is completed by monitoring incoming leads across 50 BrightTALK Channels, with us creating content for nine of those channels and our partners creating effective content and engaged audiences for the other 41. Within the nine channels my team manages, we create over 250 new webinars per year and manage a growing webinar and video archive of over 700 assets, with every registration and viewing (live and on-demand) automatically pushed into our marketing automation and CRM system every hour of every day.

With more leads comes the opportunity to tighten down systems and be sales efficient. Tightening the threshold for leads to be sent to sales continues to be a top priority. Roughly half of the leads we send to sales every month have been nurtured through campaigns that give the prospect the opportunity to demonstrate an appropriate level of engagement or indicate it may be time for sales to check-in on a prospects’ needs and objectives.

All of this is done with a limited marketing budget. We’ve purchased some data and use some software, but we focus our resources on investing in a team comprised of experts in creating phenomenal content that attracts the audience we desire. This team works to build several respected communities where marketers continue to return for ongoing best practices in using webinars and videos.

I don’t say any of this to impress you, but rather to impress upon you the power of webinars and videos for demand generation and awareness.

That’s why I’m pleased BrightTALK has been recognized by Marketo as a finalist for a 2012 Revvie award in the category of Most Successful Global RPM (Revenue Performance Management) Execution. BrightTALK has also been selected to share our story on the panel session, “Using SOAP API to Integration with Marketo,” during the Marketo Summit.

You can also learn more about our story in this webinar on building your own multi-channel webinar marketing strategy.

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