The Power of Panel Discussions to Drive Pipeline

The Power of Panel Discussions to Drive Pipeline

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Inspiring your ideal audience to connect, engage and purchase is a complex path to say the least. With more information out there and professionals getting wiser to marketing jargon, connecting with your prospects takes a bit more strategy and planning.

Online panel discussions and roundtables have been around for quite some time. But with newer technology, smart platforms are able to capture rich data about the individuals who attend, amplifying your ROI.

By bringing in leading experts to have a “State of the Union” or “fireside chat,” you’re creating excitement for professionals to engage with multiple industry experts. Successful panels bring in different perspectives from different angles in the company i.e. C-suites, VPs, analysts, and the likes.

Here are some of our favorite recent panel discussions on BrightTALK (full disclosure: we participated in some of these events).

The Future of Lending: Is Fintech the Main or Alternative Solution?

Marketing Leaders Panel Discussion: Content Marketing and Demand Generation

Data-Driven: Customer-Obsessed Results Through Analytics

Personalization Priorities for 2016: A Roundtable Conversation

Panel discussions provide a multitude of pipeline opportunities; from lead sharing to creating publicity-worthy discussions, strategic marketers leverage these sessions to scale pipeline and maximize their efforts. Want more insider tips? Download our guide on producing a roundtable session.

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