The Results Are In! Q2’s Hottest Marketing Webinars

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BrightTALK’s marketing community consists of over 522,000 marketers around the world self-educating through various sub-communities. Whether they’re looking to amp up their content marketing efforts, drive better demand, or optimize their search engine rankings, marketers educate through webinars on BrightTALK.

As we look to connect and influence our peers during Q3, we wanted to share the top performing webinars in Q2 with key takeaways to help inform your webinar strategy.  If you missed Q1’s top performing webinars, you can find them here.

A few key trends from the Q2’s top performing webinars (webinars were only scored once):

  • Day of the week: Monday: 16.7%, Wednesday: 33.3%, Thursday: 50%
  • Number of presenters: 67% had 2 presenters (and mostly from different companies)
  • Average length: 49 minutes
  • Top 5 viewed marketing webinars had an average of 580 views
  • Top 5 live attended marketing webinars had an average live attendance of 323 viewers
  • Popular themes: Empowerment and science-backed marketing

What does this mean for your webinar program going into Q3? Firstly, in line with best practices, webinars hosted on Wednesday and Thursday tend to receive the most engagement. This is partially due to more availability in mid-week schedules, and the need for professionals to turn to educational content when new projects arise.

Secondly, webinars with multiple presenters are more appealing to audiences. It’s far easier to listen to two people having a lively discussion/debate rather than one person for 49 (or so) minutes.

Lastly, marketers are always looking for actionable ideas on how to power their efforts, as well as the scientific reasoning behind what they are doing. Try tagging keywords like “power” or “science” into your title.

Here are the top performing webinars this past quarter.

Top 5 Viewed Marketing Webinars in Q2

1. The Science of Engaging Webinar Presentations

2. TED-ify Your Online Presentations: The Power of Multimedia in B2B Marketing

3. How to Rock B2B Engagement in the Age of the Customer

4. Discover the Power of Engagement Studio: Build. Visualize. Improve.  

5. AGAIN: The Neuroscience of Repetition

Top 5 Live Attended Marketing Webinars in Q2

1. Discover the Power of Engagement Studio: Build. Visualize. Improve.

2. How to Rock B2B Engagement in the Age of the Customer

3. AGAIN: The Neuroscience of Repetition

4. The Science of Engaging Webinar Presentations

5. Webinar: GDPR Series: Consent and Legitimate Interest

Enjoyed these presentations? Explore the BrightTALK marketing community and check out the great sessions at our upcoming summits: Marketing Intelligence and Analytics, B2B Content Marketing, and Video Marketing (landing page will be up shortly). Interested in speaking at any of these summits? Email

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