The Role of Rich Media vs. Text-Based Content in the Buyer’s Journey

The Role of Rich Media vs. Text-Based Content in the Buyer’s Journey

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Attracting prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey requires more than just engaging content. It requires your information to be thought-provoking and valuable. SiriusDecisions found that buyers can be up to 70% of the way through their decision making before reaching out to vendors, meaning that your content needs to be readily available where and when they’re researching on the web.

Your message needs to be presented in a format that addresses the needs and preference of the buyer wherever they are in their researching journey. While text-based content draws prospects in, rich media content, like videos and webinars, provides a deeper engagement with your prospects.

When considering the traditional B2B sales cycle, here’s how to leverage rich media and text-based content to ensure you have the right conversations, with the right people, in the best way.

Awareness stage

In making prospects aware of your brand, position yourself as the expert. The awareness phase of the sales cycle must build a compelling first brand experience that stimulates insight and research. Interpret the latest trends and inform prospects with both text and rich media content.

  • How-to videos. Expedite relationships with short how-to videos. 72% of senior executives research an organization after watching a video, and landing pages with video are 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google (International Data Group, Mist Media).
  • Introductory guides. Introduce and explain key subjects to answer prospect’s questions that relate to your product or service. Provide shorter explanations and position your brand as the industry authority.
  • Online summit sponsorship with keynote. Build brand authority with keynote speakers, executive interviews and informative, shareworthy content.

Consideration stage

Convert general awareness into product curiosity and move prospects to prefer your solution over competitors’ with both text and rich media.

  • Webinar series. Webinars on actionable best practices can quickly establish a following that is shared by experts and newcomers alike.
  • Industry news commentary. Industry reports covered in blog posts and articles can help to establish your brand as an industry thought leader.
  • How-to webinars and videos with case studies. Webinars and demonstration videos containing case studies bring your powerful proof points to life and help your prospects understand the benefits of your solution.

Decision stage

Once your prospect is nearing a decision, make it clear that your product is the only solution to their challenges with longer-form, detailed content that illuminates your unique selling proposition.

  • White papers, guides and case studies. Make valuable information easily accessible. Offer these downloads through email campaigns with CTAs for product demo webinars.
  • Product demo webinars. Create detailed product demonstration webinars that serve to resolve unanswered questions and generate confidence for final purchasing decisions.
  • Longer-form videos. Capture vital customer information with videos that walk clients through solution set-up procedures. Don’t forget to highlight the benefits of working with your brand’s support team.

While moving prospects down the funnel is critical to pipeline success, the buyer’s journey doesn’t end with the sale. Marketers need to also keep existing customers throughout the process. Retain customers through video executive briefings to continuously justify their business purchase and your clout in the industry. Create post-purchase videos that demonstrate best practices using your solution.

Check out BrightTALK’s new guide on The Power of Rich Content to learn more about how rich media impacts prospects and how to incorporate rich media in every stage of the buyer’s journey for better marketing influenced pipeline.

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