The Social Side of Online Events

The Social Side of Online Events

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Web 2.0 technologies are all about giving people greater control over the content they want to see. In that light, BrightTALK has released enhanced social media features that allow BrightTALK users to share the content easily with their own social networks.

The “Share this webcast” feature is immediately visible in the webcast player. It is also accessible after you register to attend, in the five minute run-up to your live event and when rating the webcast. It enables you to invite your contacts, post to your social profiles and embed the webcast on your website or blog.

BrightTALK Channel owners can control whether these features are switched on or off, so they aren’t activated on every BrightTALK webcast player. But the vast majority of channel owners have enabled these integral social tools to increase their social connectivity and help you share content that you find interesting and relevant to your friends and colleagues.


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