The Ultimate Power Duo: Marketing Automation and Webinars

The Ultimate Power Duo: Marketing Automation and Webinars

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Integrating your marketing automation and webinar platforms is a smart way to get more value out of each system, while also tightening alignment within your marketing tech stack.

With webinars, you can pick up on your prospects’ advanced engagement signals, such as how long they interact with your content, what questions they ask, and what other topics they’re interested in.

And with marketing automation, you can send all of that insight-rich data to your sales team to customize outreach based on your potential buyers’ needs and priorities.

However, the benefits of integrating these two systems extend far beyond engagement data alone. With a connector (like the one for Marketo and BrightTALK), you can also save time and effort by importing cloneable webinar program templates, performance reports, and more.

To dig more into this topic, we teamed up with Justin Gray, CEO & Founder of LeadMD, to discuss the important relationship between these powerful technologies, and share marketing automation best practices for webinars. Watch the webinar below and let us know what you think in the feedback section.

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