Think Beyond Email to Promote Your Webinars

Think Beyond Email to Promote Your Webinars

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Email has historically been the go-to channel for driving webinar registrations, and for good reason: It’s an extraordinarily effective tool for pushing audience to your events.

However, there are several other effective methods for getting the word out about your webinars. For example, the strategic use of things like social media, blogging, or giveaways can help push your promotions to the next level and drive more audience to your content.

Taken from our comprehensive guide to webinar promotions, check out these three (non-email) methods you can use to promote your next webinar to diversify and grow your audience.

Social media

Other than email, social media is perhaps the most obvious choice for promoting upcoming webinars. But each channel has its own set of accepted standards and best practices, so it’s important to make sure you’re tailoring your promotions for each individual channel you use.


If you’re in the B2B space, LinkedIn should be your first priority to promote your webinar. Make sure not to over do it on this platform — promote the webinar 1-2 times per week at most. You can also “pin” your promotion to the top of your company page to draw extra attention.

  • Best days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • Most clicks and shares: Tuesdays from 10-11am
  • Optimal viewing times: 7-8am or 5-6pm


As opposed to LinkedIn, Twitter provides a newsfeed that encourages more frequent posting. 1-2 tweets per day promoting your webinar is constant content to grab attention during the sporadic user visits.

  • Best days: Monday through Friday
  • Highest retweet time: 5pm
  • Optimal viewing times: 12pm and 6pm


In the B2B world, Facebook should come as a lower priority, as people who are on the platform are typically less in a work state of mind and using it as a way to escape for a bit. As with LinkedIn, try posting 1-2 times per week for optimal results.

  • Best days: Thursday and Friday
  • Most clicks: 12pm and 3pm
  • Most shares: 1pm


While there are a staggering 2 million blog posts written every day, blogs have longer lifespans than many other content formats, receiving 99% of their impressions over 700 days.

Despite the huge volume of online content, your blog can still be a cost-effective way to educate and entice viewers. By offering stellar, entertaining content, you’re earning the trust of your audience.

Not sure what to blog about? Try one of these pre-event blog post ideas:

  • Interview with a speaker on market insights
  • Trends or statistics around the topic
  • In-depth preview of one of the webinar’s key points
  • List of useful resources related to the topic
  • Topic overview to set the foundation for beginners

For more tips and ideas on driving webinar attendance through blogging, download our complete guide.


If it fits your budget and business objectives, offering an incentive for attending your webinar (other than the information being provided) can be an effective way to attract a higher volume of viewers to your content.

Consider giving away a small token such as:

Modest gifts or incentives

Some companies give away $5 Starbucks gift cards or company swag as a gift to live viewers. Depending on your budget, this could be a fun way to increase live attendance.


Offer 20% off your service or product to a fixed number of registrants or to anyone who asks a question during your Q&A.

Autographed books

This is a great option when your key speaker has a book, authority, and expertise. Offer a free, signed copy to five attendees or to the person who tweets the most about your webinar. Useful, tangible, and relevant gifts provide a constant reminder of your webinar and encourages sharing.

While it’s hard to compete with the predominance of email, the key to growing your database of webinar attendees involves tapping into new audiences sources.

Adapting your message for social media and blogs will help you reach new prospective buyers, and offering giveaways will expand the volume of attendees at your event. To learn more about these and other tactics, download the complete webinar promotions playbook.

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