Three Marketing Ideas to Try in the Next Forty Days

Three Marketing Ideas to Try in the Next Forty Days

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Happy Pancake Day

Invented by the Egyptians back in 2600 B.C., pancakes mark the beginning of Lent throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, and many other countries. In the past, families would make pancakes in order to use up their luxury products, such as dairy, eggs, and sugar, before fasting for forty days and forty nights in the run up to Easter. Nowadays, many people give up a food, drink, or activity, or broaden their knowledge by starting a new hobby or class.

In the spirit of learning new things, we have compiled our top tips for increasing engagement with your webinars and videos, for you to try over the next forty days and forty nights.

Create an email or newsletter campaign

Do you promote your webinars to your email database? It is likely that you will have a list of people who have bought your product, been to an event or registered to receive more information about your company. Featuring your webinar or video in a company newsletter or dedicated email is a great way to reconnect your audience with your website and product offering. Having the webinar embedded on your website allows your audience to watch your content within the context of your website. In addition, you can place calls to action around the player, opening up new sales conversations and developing your relationship with your audience.

Activate social media

Sharing your content with your friends, followers, circles, and connections has never been easier and is a great way to spread the word about your content. Tracking links can help you to identify where your audience is coming from and which social media network is most effective for driving audience to your content. Experimenting with topics, titles and live versus on-demand content will enable you to identify what your audience wants to hear and when they want to hear it. By analyzing this data, you can make sure you are attracting as many people as possible to your webinar.

Repurpose your webinar content

Blog posts and white papers are a great way to repurpose the content you have used in your webinars and videos and move people around your website, from blog to webinar and from webinar to blog. This will allow your audience to discover new areas of your website and increase your page view statistics. Offering different content types enables your audience to consume your content in their preferred format. As webinars tend to be longer pieces of content, you can potentially create a series of blog posts or multiple white papers out of the content, perhaps one per section of your webinar.

These are our top ideas for expanding the impact of your webinars. We hope that trying these ideas will take your mind off chocolate, crisps, and biting your nails. What other techniques do you use to increase engagement with your webinars?

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