BrightTALK’s Top 10 Marketing Webinars of 2016

BrightTALK’s Top 10 Marketing Webinars of 2016

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2016 was an eventful year for B2B marketers. The rise of account-based marketing reinforced the importance of several core marketing principles, placing an even higher emphasis on understanding your buyer and using that information to target them effectively.

We also saw continued growth of tactics like video and interactive content, proving the value of highly engaging and visually appealing content.

Over the course of last year, many of these key themes were reflected in the most popular marketing webinars on BrightTALK, which is why we chose to highlight them here. Ranked by overall attendance on our platform, here are the top 10 marketing webinars of 2016.

  1. Using Animations for Complex Stories

Presenter: Simon Gerzina, BrightTALK

  1. The Science of Engaging Webinar Presentations

Presenter: Susannah Shattuck, Prezi

  1. How to Write Cold Emails That Boost Your Sales Pipeline

Presenter: Rod Sloane, Sales & Marketing Alignment Group

  1. Work Smarter, Faster, and Better with Visuals

Presenter: Daniel Foster, TechSmith

  1. The Power of Visual B2B Storytelling

Presenter: Spencer Waldron, Prezi

  1. Shaping Content with the Deep Magic of Taxonomy

Presenters: Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler & Joe Pairman, Mekon

  1. How to Turn a Presentation into a Conversation

Presenters: Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler; Val Swisher, Content Rules; Greg Rosner

  1. Advance Your Pipeline: Influence Decision Makers with Persuasive Presentations

Presenter: Roger Courville,

  1. 15 Ways to Animate Your Content with GIFs

Presenters: Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler & Daniel Foster, TechSmith

  1. Flood Your Pipeline with Sales-Ready Leads

Presenter: Mark Donkin, SuccessFlow

Ready for more of this great content in 2017? Explore more webinars and videos in our marketing community on BrightTALK.

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