Top Content Formats Influencing Buying Decisions

Top Content Formats Influencing Buying Decisions

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Professionals self-educate every day to advance their careers, solve business-related problems, and stay ahead in the market. As a marketer, this is an ideal opportunity to provide real, concrete value to get your company in front of buyers who have the budget and need for the solution (before they even know they need it).

Since 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally, it’s important to provide content that’ll engage in a real way to build trust that’ll lead to pipeline success. Easy, right?

Well, with numerous content formats, lengths and topics it can seem burdensome on marketing teams to effortlessly align their content and demand generation strategies to maximize return with the longer, more complex buying process.

As a content marketer, I was interested to examine the trends over the last two years to make sure that we’re leveraging the best content formats to address our buyer’s needs, so I looked into Demand Gen Report’s annual “What’s Working in Demand Generation” benchmarks report.

Here are some of the YoY comparisons about which content types B2B professionals used in the last 12 months to make a purchasing decision.


What can we learn from this? While case studies are still amongst the top formats, they are seeing a decrease in performance.

Most of the top content formats are the rich, dynamic media based styles. Our own data also shows that dynamic content, like webinars and videos, are increasingly becoming more predominant in self-education.

When we studied our platform of over 50,000 videos & webinars, we found that the average viewing time was 36 minutes! What does this mean as a marketer? If we provide real value, our audience will spend more time to understand and learn from us — building the foundation for a sale.

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