Top Five Must-See Sessions for UK Financial Advisers (Plus One Christmas Special!)

Top Five Must-See Sessions for UK Financial Advisers (Plus One Christmas Special!)

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Thought Leadership Live has continued to attract new subscribers to its online community of UK financial advisers, surpassing 4,000 registrations in recent months. Over the year we have enjoyed following you and chatting with you on Twitter through @tllive, continuing post event discussions in our LinkedIn Group, sometimes sharing behind the scenes photos on Facebook and of course seeing you engage with the expert speakers during the live webinars and videos.

With 55 webinars having been published over the year and over 4,400 minutes available to watch currently on demand, we thought we would allow you to easily catch up on the top 5 sessions over 2011, based on viewings, ratings and feedback from the IFA community.


The Secrets to Leverage LinkedIn – What Every IFA Needs to Know

Philip Calvert, IFA Life, @philipcalvert



Mastering the Key to Referrals: The Specific Referral Request

Matt Anderson, The Referral Authority, @mattandersontv



Adviser Live

Philip Calvert, IFA Life, @philipcalvert; Peter Matthews, Meaningful Money TV; Tina Weeks, Serenity Financial Planning, @SerenityTWeeks; Brett Davidson, FP Advance, @brettdavidson



From Free to Fee: Adviser Charging – A Crisis of Confidence?

Steve Billingham, Steve Billingham Consulting Ltd, @stevebillingham



The Client Relationship Dividend: Financial Life Planning

George Kinder, CFP(R), RLP(R), @GeorgeDKinder


Congratulations to our speakers who made this list and thank you to all those who have presented over the year – hopefully, you will make it onto 2012’s list!

As we are feeling festive we couldn’t resist sharing with you one final gem, which was the Christmas special panel session on social media with The IFA Blogger and friends. We loved that this was a community led initiative from our Twitter followers and we look forward to more in 2012.



Social Media Marketing – What’s that all about then? A Christmas Special

Richard Bishop, The IFA Blogger, @IFABlogger; Paul Gorman, IFS &amp, @PaulGormanCFP;, Marlene Shalton, Institute of Financial Planning, @PresidentofIFP; Pete Matthew,, @PeteMatthew and Dennis Hall, Yellowtail, @YellowtailFP

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