Top Five Webinars for Thought Leadership for Financial Advisors

Top Five Webinars for Thought Leadership for Financial Advisors

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All I Want for Christmas is You[r Feedback]!

What an exciting four months it has been! Since its inception, Thought Leadership for Financial Advisors (TLFA) has grown into a noteworthy community, attracting over 1000 subscribers and hosting 14 webinars for forward-thinking RIAs and fee-based financial advisors like you!

Covering your every need from social media marketing and compliance to financial life planning, industry luminaries presented actionable items, case studies and interactive Q&A sessions, seizing every opportunity to make their webinars valuable for you.

In the spirit of Christmas and to welcome you to our new community, we present you with the top five webinars of 2011 based on viewings, ratings and feedback:


The Client Relationship Dividend: Financial Life Planning

George Kinder, CFP(R), RLP(R), @GeorgeDKinder


Case Studies: How Social Media is Used in Financial Services

Blane Warrene, CEO, BMRW & Associates, @blano


Navigating the Compliance of Social Media

Daniel A. Bernstein, Director of Professional Services, MarketCounsel, @MarketCounsel


What It Takes to Consistently Get More and Better Referrals

Matt Anderson, The Referral Authority, @mattandersontv


Compliant Social Media Strategies for Financial Professionals

Rich LoPresti, Founder,, @RichLoPresti

Is your favorite TLFA webinar listed above? Do you have another topic you want discussed or another thought leader you want to hear from? Share your thoughts by emailing me at – I’d love to hear from you!

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