Introducing Video Play-in for Talks

Introducing Video Play-in for Talks

Here are three good reasons to get going:

Live Q&A without the stress

More variety means more engagement

Repurpose stellar content without losing authenticity

Here’s how clients are using it so far:

  • Intro and outro videos: Nothing brings polish and world-class professionalism to your interviews, roundtable panels, and webinars like classy branded video to kick off and tie off your presentations like you would expect on cable TV.
  • Pre-recorded talks with live Q&A: One of the most common use cases among large companies with huge audiences. Make sure everything goes flawlessly but maintain the authentic two-way conversations of live Q&A.
  • Perfect demos: You’ve finally perfected that weekly demo? Now you can enjoy that perfection every time while still engaging in those essential two-way conversations with prospects.
  • Newsroom style clips and commentary: Never to be underestimated. If you are running webcam panels an excellent way to increase engagement and vary content is to include video.

So, with that said, let’s see how you can now mix videos into your live presentations with the click of a button. We’ve made it ridiculously easy and reliable.

Three simple steps

Step 1: Open your “drawer” of content

For any upcoming Talk in your Channel, launch the presenter mode. You’ll notice a new option to “Play-in video” in the bottom presentation panel.

Once selected, click “add or manage video” in the top right of your drawer. From here you can choose which videos from your channel you would like to earmark for your presentation.

Step 2: Choose your videos

From this interface, it’s easy to add videos to your talk. Any video in your Channel, both published and unpublished content is available.

To add video from an external source you will just need to upload that video in your Channel first.

Step 3: Play your video

Once you’ve specified your videos just hit the play button on the title image of your video to begin playing. The screen will be taken over with your video and all presenters will be muted.

You will have the option to pause, end, and jump to a specified location at any time. Its that simple!

This feature is now available for all clients. Whether you are pre-recording your presentation to reduce live-day stress or repurposing stellar content from the past, the options are endless.

Give it a go and let us know what you think. You have a story to tell. The world must know.

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