Video’s EXPLOSION: Entering the Zettabyte Era

Video’s EXPLOSION: Entering the Zettabyte Era

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Have you ever considered what types of sites consume the most amount of Internet traffic? In the past decade we have seen connection speeds increase from dial up to 56k to DSL. However, with such a large percentage of the world population accessing the web more frequently then ever before, we have reached a critical point in Internet protocol traffic.

In June of this year Cisco released a report predicting that Internet traffic will quadruple by 2015. The numbers are simply staggering. They estimate that globally we will have 15 billion network-connected devices with over 3 billion Internet users and broadband speeds exceeding 28 megabits per second.

What really caught my attention in this report was the amount of video consumption being projected. Imagine that every second the entire globe will digest 674 days of video, yes I know how your head is spinning, every second! Did you know that currently in North America Netflix users consume 30% of Internet traffic with YouTube following behind with 11%.

These figures point out that streaming visual media is the new wave of communication consumed by consumer and businesses alike. What does this mean for your marketing strategy? Well first of all web video in mass media form is being consumed at a massive rate. According to the “Less is More” webcast, creating short and concise web videos is an effective way to drive your audience to digest additional information about your service or product offering, through your preferred portal.

Make no mistake, web video is NOT a fad and will continue to evolve. To stay ahead of the curve, look to drive simple messaging though short and concise web video across all your marketing platforms. 


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