Viral Video: An Outcome, Not an Objective

Viral Video: An Outcome, Not an Objective

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I participated in a fast and lively webinar that discussed the use of video in B2B marketing. There were some great tips from the participants, which I have highlighted below.

Doug Kessler, Creative Director at Velocity Partners, emphasized how important it is to pay attention to viewer duration and audience drop off analytics. “You’d be surprised at the number of people who turn off early in the video.” To prevent the audience from dropping off early, consider summarizing your message up front, sharing useful information and telling your audience what they can expect to learn.

Jonny Bentwood, Head of Strategy and Analyst Relations at Edelman, said that you should be very clear in establishing your objective before you make your video. “If someone comes to me and says “I want to make a viral video”, that’s not an objective, that’s an outcome.” Define your objective; are you looking to sell more, increase trust, deepen communities or enhance your reputation?

Jonny went on to discuss how your message should fit the audience you are talking to. “If you talk techie to a bunch of people who are not interested in technology you are going to lose them. Traditional media dictates that if you speak to everyone, you speak to no-one. Focus on the few thousand people who count and speak directly to them.”

During the discussion real examples were shown of companies that have used video well. Lindley Gooden, journalist and video producer, shared an example of how a viral video was used as part of a brand video campaign. Doug also shared a great video that illustrated how even companies in conservative industries like financial asset management can use animation to create engaging campaigns.

You can hear more tips and see the example videos in the webinar embedded below. We’re considering other topics for webinars and videos so please take a look and let us know any comments or questions.

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