Webinar Titles Needn’t Be Boring!

Webinar Titles Needn’t Be Boring!

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At BrightTALK, we work with industry experts every day to develop insightful, useful content for the professionals who visit our 81 communities to self-educate and grow their careers.

In order to capture an audience’s attention, especially in promotions, your presentation’s title needs to stand out. For this reason, we encourage speakers to use interesting, bold, and unique titles for their webinars and videos.

Here are five themes you can use to create impactful webinar titles:

webinar titles1. Ask a question. Inspire your audience to consider something new. Having sparked their interest, encourage them to discover the answer in your content.

Example: What Is Digital Personalisation and Why Should I Care?


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2. Incite an action
. By starting the title with a verb, you can motivate your audience to perform a positive behavior.

Example: Crank Up Your Content Marketing


3. Solve a problem
. Help your audience by providing ‘how to’ content and helpful information. Make the benefits of attending clear in the webinar title.

Example: 15 Ways to Animate Your Content with GIFs


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4. Include keywords
. By including relevant keywords in your title, your webinar will rank higher not only on BrightTALK, but also on Google and other search engines, exposing your content to your target audience.

Example: The Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Content Marketing


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5. Give content clues
. What is the outcome of watching your webinar? Identify it clearly in your title.

Example: How Do You Solve the Problems of a Sleepless CMO?


6. Be timely.
 Take advantage of fun and timely topics and relate them back to your industry to tap into what people are paying attention to at the moment.

Example: Gateway to Gamification: Using Pokémon Go to Connect with Bank Customers

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