Webinars Are Going Social!

Webinars Are Going Social!

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Your BrightTALK audience is coming to life with professional profiles! Now your attendees can build social profiles and continue discussions about your content with like-minded peers from around the world.


Equipped with social profiles, your audience can network with relevant professionals and continue discussing your content with like-minded peers, reinforcing your position as a source of key information and insight, as well as useful professional connections.

This new social offering will extend the life of your online content beyond the live day, creating compelling reasons for your audience to visit your content before it goes live and after it has been recorded. This means higher attendance rates and longer engagement with your content on BrightTALK.

We’ve already seen clear signs of the power of social online events. Our beta release of social profiles shows that 95% of the audience wants to be social and is interested in connecting with like-minded peers. The ability to see other attendees creates a stickier experience with your live content and will compel more of your audience to come back to your BrightTALK Channel again and again.

As we continue building a knowledge network where professionals connect and learn while watching webinars and videos, your audience will become a strategic driver of traction for your content. Our user tests reveal that professionals are most interested in hearing about content their connections are planning to attend and have recently viewed. When one of your subscribers engages with your content, they will prompt a series of peer recommendations to their network on BrightTALK, opening your content to new opportunities.

Schedule your next webinar or video today and see how these new social features will help improve engagement, spur discussion and create a network effect of growth for your content, audience, and revenue.

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