Webinars That Get the Gold

Webinars That Get the Gold

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Each year, the BrightTALK community managers work with hundreds of industry experts to create engaging webinars and videos. From their combined experience, what makes a piece of content stand out in an already vibrant professional community? What are some of the creative ways you can use the BrightTALK platform that will get your content noticed? This blog will highlight the webinars that have earned the gold medal for their innovative use of the platform and ability to engage audiences.

Using votes to generate audience engagement

ITSM Habits: Highly Successful Change and Configuration Managers (Ian Aitchison)

In this webinar, Ian asked the live viewers a sequence of questions via the voting function and hinted their responses would be used at the end of the webinar, sustaining high levels of audience engagement for the duration of the session. He asked viewers to record the number of ‘Yes’ responses they gave, as this would be used to judge how well they are performing as change and configuration managers. Questions included whether the audience measured their success and if there are improvements they can make to their change processes.

This webinar is a great example of how votes can be used to add an interactive dimension to a webinar. The audience rated the webinar a positive 4.3/5. Feedback included, “I really enjoyed this presentation. The interaction was great and really kept my interest” and “Good to verify that I am on the right track, measuring correctly and adding now a new measure between incidents and changes with trends.”

Providing multiple content formats for different audience needs

CEFThe Best Advice Closed-end Fund Forum

The Best Advice Closed-end Fund Forum runs monthly webinar panel sessions for advisers. The hosts of this series recognized that for some advisers listening to a webinar just isn’t quite the same as having a hard copy, a bit of paper to read while commuting. For this reason they have utilized the attachments feature to offer their audiences the opportunity to read a transcript of the session. It’s a great way to maximize the reach of the content and provide a service that works for their audience and community.

When creating content, consider what formats are most appropriate for your audience. By uploading further resources to your webinar or video, whether it is the presentation slides, a transcript or links to interesting webpages, you can give your audience a choice in how they consume your content.

Involving the audience in content creation to ensure the webinars are compelling


Data Centre Question Time (The Data Centre Alliance, DCA)

Every first Tuesday of the month, the DCA runs their Data Centre Transformation Tuesday event. The event featured webinars presented by guest speakers and culminated in a Data Centre Question Time panel session. Before the session, the DCA would request questions from their audience, discussing them at length during a live webinar.

By researching your audience’s interests and current areas of concern, you can tailor your webinar so it is engaging and focused on your audience’s needs. Using an answer and question time during your event encourages your audience to attend live, as they will have the opportunity to communicate with industry experts in real time, submitting questions and participating in polls. This series received great audience feedback including, “I have listened to all the DCA question times over the past few months and have found them to be very informative covering a wide range of topics and it is great to hear from specialists within the Industry” and “The Question Time session worked really well, very informative, many thanks, will definitely tune in next time.“

Leveraging existing videos to increase their distribution


Webrecruit Career Development and Jobs Channel

In addition to creating webinars, Webrecruit has an existing collection of quality videos that they want to share with their audience. The videos tackle common issues that job seekers face and complement their webinar series. The videos also featured Webrecruit’s high profile Chairman James Caan, a regular on the UK TV show Dragons’ Den and a well-known businessman.

By using the video upload feature, Webrecruit was able to upload their video assets alongside their webinars. Sharing video in the channel added a new dimension for the existing channel subscribers, who now had greater choice in the content they watched. In addition, the channel extended the life of the video content by offering a new distribution tool.

Complementing physical events with online webinars

AberdeenThe Investment Summit (Aberdeen Asset Management)

In June 2012, Morningstar hosted the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago. Aberdeen Asset Management, a sponsor at the event, was keen to continue the conversations that had been started. To achieve this, they decided to sponsor the first ever US Investment Summit on BrightTALK, focusing on investing in a volatile market and achieving success.

An attendee to the summit said, “Excellent presentation! Knowledgeable participants and the moderator did a great job. Thank you.” By taking advantage of BrightTALK’s experience of creating compelling summits, organizations can compliment their physical events by producing preliminary or post-event content that prolongs your conversation with the audience. Creating webinars and videos also extends the conversation to those people who could not attend your physical conference, increasing your reach.

Congratulations to our winners! All of these free webinars and videos are available to watch on demand at your convenience.

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