Welcome to BrightTALK: The Value of Community

Welcome to BrightTALK: The Value of Community

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If you ever visit the BrightTALK office in San Francisco and ask for a tour, you’ll probably hear something like this:

“Welcome to BrightTALK! Follow me…this first cluster of desks is HR and finance…over here we have our marketing team…these rows are sales, and then back here is operations. Across from them we have customer success…”

We’ll walk past the glass-walled conference rooms and swing by the engineers and audience growth on our way back from the kitchen.

We’re grouped by department across our open office, but you’ll always catch people up and collaborating with colleagues on the other side of the room. The open collaboration among employees has never been more apparent than it was last Friday, as we prepared for our annual Thanksgiving potluck.

Our yearly feast is planned and implemented by the Fun Creation Committee, a group made up of employees across teams. Thanksgiving is one of the committee’s favorite achievements, but the group convenes regularly to work on smaller happy hours and events.

At around 2 PM on Friday all hands were on deck to move desks, set up the banquet tables, heat up and lay out the food, and the all-important tasks of taste testing the hors d’oeuvres and opening the wine. With the entire office working together, it may have looked like a little more madness than method, and there was one small and not-so-figurative fire (no one got hurt — don’t worry). Regardless, it wasn’t long before people were piling their plates with food and grabbing a chair. We’re fortunate to work for a company where teams are so open and inclusive. At the potluck, everyone sat together and intermingled as one team: Team BrightTALK.

This sense of community is core not only to our company culture, but also to our business. BrightTALK is built by and for communities. Our platform is divided into major industries, and then again by internal categories and niches. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you give them a browse. But more than that is the greater BrightTALK community, made up of our employees, customers, and audience. Here at BrightTALK HQ, our team celebrated the holiday not just with food, but with gratitude for the community we’ve built over the last decade.

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