What B2B Marketers Can Learn from Changes in Buyer Behavior

What B2B Marketers Can Learn from Changes in Buyer Behavior

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The impact that digital media and content marketing is having on the buying cycle is NUTS. I started thinking about this in particular when reflecting on my experience shopping for a car and how marketing has influenced the way we buy.

A decade ago, purchasing a car was all about the in-person experience. I visited showrooms, spoke with sales representatives, and went on test drives all within 15% of my buying cycle. At that time, the key was physically touching and feeling the product.

Last year, I had a completely different experience. This time, before I even stepped foot in a showroom, I had done so much research that I already knew what make and model I wanted. I met one rep, asked a dozen or so questions and signed a contract.

Today, 67% of the buyers’ journey is done digitally, according to research by SiriusDecisions. Think about it — we know what kind of phone we want before we make the in-store purchase. We choose restaurants based on internet reviews. So much of how we buy is influenced by what we view online.

To hear more on how marketers must shift (and have shifted) their strategies to win customers in our digital age, tune into this week’s episode of Val·i·da·tion.

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