What Do Women Investors Want?

What Do Women Investors Want?

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The road to understanding what women want is long and windy whether you are a teenage boy or a financial advisor. Since turning to our friends, Google or Wikipedia, is not an option, what can we do other than look to the sky and shout: what do women want?

The answer is simple: there is not one answer for what women want. Despite what countless websites, coaches and matchmakers may tell you, what women want cannot be defined in a single lesson — and of course the same goes for women investors.

To celebrate the many innovative and thoughtful ways to serve the diverse needs of women investors, we organized the Women in Financial Services Month. Every Wednesday in September, we feature women thought leaders sharing how to engage and build trust with women clients as an individual, a couple or a group.

To start the month, Kathleen M. Rehl of Rehl Financial Advisors will share how targeting a niche, not only based on gender but also experience, has led her to success. As a widow herself, she finds investors not only appreciate the fact that she knows the common money mistakes widows make, but that she is also sensitive to the grief process.

On the last week, we bring together four advisors from the U.S. and the U.K. to discuss opportunities and challenges of being a woman advisor. They will share experiences and lessons that shaped their career and invite you to join the discussion to contribute your thoughts and questions.

So rather than relying on your friends or waiting for divine intervention, discover how you can fulfill the needs of women investors by hearing from the experts that know this market best.

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