What Is a BrightTALK Organic Lead and Why Should You Care?

What Is a BrightTALK Organic Lead and Why Should You Care?

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Businesses love getting referrals. Referral prospects have a shorter sales cycle since it takes less time for sales to build trust. On average at least half of referrals lead to closed business. Similarly, BrightTALK subscribers browsing content on BrightTALK are more likely to register to attend webinars and videos in new channels because they already trust the experience they’ve had on the platform. Since they have already completed the user registration process, they can access content with one or two clicks.

The BrightTALK platform offers users a variety of ways to browse and discover new content, including keyword search, relevant tags, and related content suggestions. Content is grouped into clusters of related videos and webinars, called communities. This is where the professionals who come to BrightTALK for business-critical information find relevant upcoming and on-demand content. Thus, distributing your content into relevant BrightTALK communities will enable you to reach new audiences of professionals. The resulting subscribers to your channel who find you via BrightTALK communities are known as BrightTALK organic leads.

BrightTALK channel owners or managers can easily keep track of organic leads as they grow their audiences and extend the reach of their webinars and videos through BrightTALK communities. A small “O” icon appears in the manager dashboard of a channel next to the names of those who have subscribed to the channel by browsing BrightTALK. You can see exactly how many BrightTALK referrals are in your channel using the dashboard charts. BrightTALK organic leads typically contribute a 10-30% increase in your subscriber base. The variance is due to the number of people who are browsing content relevant to a channel and the amount of promotion the channel owner or presenter has executed.

Channel owners don’t exert any extra effort to gain organic traffic from BrightTALK – subscribers find their content simply because it is on BrightTALK. Some of these audience members may even turn into sales leads and then customers. That’s a powerful way to gain exposure, engage your audience, and drive revenue from your content.

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