What Is Intent Data? A B2B Marketer’s Introduction

What Is Intent Data? A B2B Marketer’s Introduction

Intent data: It’s a term you’ve likely heard before, but what is it exactly?

As defined in our guide to identifying prospects with intent data, intent data is:

Information that reveals the buyer’s purpose, by tracking their thought process and identifying when and where they are searching for solutions. This data consists of online activities and behaviors that provide insights into their intent and purchase-readiness.

Prospects reveal intent in various ways, through online searches, webpage visits and content engagement. For example, if someone watches a webinar about different methods to generate more leads, you can safely indicate that lead generation is a pain point or objective for them.

These insights can help predict what actions a prospect will take and if they might be fit to buy your product. Today’s latest technology provides easy access to massive amounts of data, enabling some  predictive analytics platforms to provide this information to their customers.

Marketers are seeking out this data to help their team and business. However, there is one major roadblock for marketing professionals looking to take advantage of intent data — most are unsure of how to acquire and leverage it.

Forrester Research found that nearly 8 in 10 senior-level marketers believe that using intent data for targeting creates value (source). However, 61% agreed that using first- and third-party intent data is important but challenging.

This gap between acknowledgement of effectiveness and barriers to adoption can be attributed to the relative newness of intent data and the predictive analytics industry, leading to a slower path to purchase of these products for many marketing teams.

The first step to getting started with intent data is understanding where to uncover this valuable data and how to implement it into your strategy. Interested? Learn more about how to capture and enable your sales team to close more business through tailored sales conversations in our B2B Marketer’s Introduction to Intent Data Guide.

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