What Is the Best Online Event Format?

What Is the Best Online Event Format?

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In addition to a variety of types of content, online events can take a variety of formats. Here are some of the formats we’ve found to be most effective.

Standalone. A single presentation offers an efficient way to present a specific message. This often makes sense for technical or product presentations. They are often less about creating a dialogue and more about transmitting information.

Interview. One moderator interviews one featured speaker. This format works well for visionary presentations when the featured speaker may not have time to practice using the online event technology and may receive more questions than he/she can peruse on their own. A moderator can also deploy audience polls to gauge sentiment or collect additional data.

Panel. One moderator facilitates a roundtable discussion between 2-3 featured panelists. This format is great for debating hot issues or challenges in an industry. It accommodates busy executives who do not have time to prepare a complete presentation, but also engages the audience with the variety in voices and perspectives.

Often these different types of formats work well in conjunction with each other as part of a thought-through content marketing strategy.  What have you tried?

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