What IT Issues Will Impact on Your Business in 2012?

What IT Issues Will Impact on Your Business in 2012?

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Occasionally a topic will emerge that has a dynamic impact on multiple areas of business. This inspires us to create a comprehensive collection of webinars that provide best practice, dispel myths and offer practical guidance and advice from a variety of perspectives and job functions presented in a week of BrightTALK Summits. Previous flagship weeks have included Social Business Week, Green Week, and Mobile Business Week.

In this year’s summit schedule, we were excited to include a week dedicated to one of the biggest IT developments in recent years – cloud computing. The cloud has transformed the way businesses access, store and secure their data, pushing its way to the top of many IT agendas and challenging IT professionals to implement and maintain systems that are tailored to the organization and secure.

With growing demand for cloud solutions, vendors are looking for ways to stand out from the growing number of competitors. Sharing expert content and best practices can facilitate a dialogue with potential customers. BrightTALK Summits enable companies to share their expertise and position themselves in front of IT end users from all over the world.

Cloud Week ran over three days and the webinars have been distributed around the Web by more than 17 leading associations, analysts, LinkedIn groups and other organizations. Expert speakers from Forrester, SNIA, Cloud Security Alliance, and more, shared their insight and knowledge, addressing a range of cloud issues. The event highlighted the cloud’s impact on IT, from storage and security, to service management and compliance. Forty-four webinars were recorded during the week, receiving positive feedback from our audience. They are available to be watched on demand now.

Viewer feedback:

“5.0. I’d give it 5.0. Very well structured excellent flow”

“Great content and good information based on real world experience”

“We attend an inordinate amount of webinars, finding most of them useful and a select few, exceptional. “The Impact of Virtualization and Mobility” falls into the exceptional category”

Social Business Week and Mobile Business Week will be returning to BrightTALK in early 2012. From our conversations with end users, analysts and associations, it is clear that these topics are continuing to be important to professionals working in IT. What other issues do you think will have an impact on IT in 2012?

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