What Makes a #LegendaryMarketer? A #HoodieBlazer, Apparently!

What Makes a #LegendaryMarketer? A #HoodieBlazer, Apparently!

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As Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience 2014 draws to a close, we’re using a moment of calm to recap on the fun we have had over the last 3 days. From F1 royalty to actual royalty, there has certainly been a lot to enjoy and experience, for both attendees and exhibitors.

While there have been a large number of highlights, we have narrowed it down to our top 3!

Marketing in the fast lane

The event started with a bang as David Coulthard swaggered into the theatre! It was fascinating to hear Mark Gallagher and DC discuss the super-charged business of F1, highlighting the similar challenges we face across industries and organizations, such as audience engagement, data-driven decisions and team alignment (although, luckily we don’t need to worry about sub-2 second pit stops!) Unfortunately, we never found out if Lewis’s Mum gave her phone number to DC, but we hope she did!

Mingling with winners and royalty

With the attendees sporting a selection of tiaras, sunglasses, and wands (kindly provided by Oracle), we awaited the pinnacle of the second day – the results of The Markies! It was great to hear how Modern Marketers are driving their businesses forward and having tremendous success. All of the winners and nominees were thoroughly deserving and will inspire our future campaigns when we return to the office. Even the Queen showed up for the after-party…

Discovering the secret of a #LegendaryMarketer

Being a sponsor of the event gave us the opportunity to speak with tonnes of truly great marketers about the incredible work they are doing at their organizations. We asked attendees to share what they thought made a #LegendaryMarketer. While we had some great responses, including being the perfect blend of analytical and creative, taking control of the customer experience and using a host of triggers to track your prospect’s interests, the real winner was being able to pull off a #hoodieblazer, as expertly demonstrated by John Stetic from Oracle in the Wednesday morning keynote!

The winner of our #LegendaryMarketer competition will be announced on Twitter shortly. In the meantime, we hope the attendees thoroughly enjoyed #MME14 and we look forward to meeting you at an event soon!

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