What Makes an Effective B2B Content Marketer?

What Makes an Effective B2B Content Marketer?

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Content marketing has been an essential component of B2B marketing for quite some time now, and recent studies show that investments in content marketing are only going to skyrocket in 2016.

Concurrently, content marketers are tasked with juggling the balance between trackable marketing influenced bookings and brand recognition to increase awareness and brand loyalty.

What will it take to be a highly effective content marketer in 2016? The Content Marketing Institute boiled it down in their newest report: Successful content marketers are those who took the time to document their efforts and implement a culture of transparency (emphasis on transparency).

So what are the three critical elements you need to stand out in the content world? Here’s a peek into what you’ll need to master (or put into motion) before January 1st.

1. Make sure your organization is clear on what a successful content marketing program looks like.

Are you working towards growing traffic on your blog, generating net new names, or increasing marketing influenced bookings? Whether it’s through regular update meetings or a dashboard in your CRM system, make the goals of your content marketing plan trackable and accessible to others in your business.

2. Document your content marketing strategy in a clear, visible way.

Putting together a content marketing strategy involves several parts, including getting stakeholder buy-in and creating buyer personas. It’s worth the investment: a majority of the most effective content marketers have a documented content strategy in place. Get a step-by-step guide from CMI here.

3. Craft and execute on your editorial mission statement.

Your mission statement is a key part of your content strategy and helps support content marketing as an important aspect of your larger marketing strategy. Refer to it throughout the content creation process to ensure your content aligns with your principles and priorities.

CMI also observed that effective marketers were the most likely to have a dedicated content marketing group within their organization. Marketing departments excel when the organization understands and supports the people and resources for content marketing.

B2B marketers are creating more content and using more tactics, social media platforms, and paid advertising methods than ever before. And 55% say they will increase their content marketing budget in the coming year. When planning for 2016, make sure that your organization has the critical elements to set yourself up for success.

You can download the full report here for more ideas on how to fine tune your efforts and separate yourself from the pack.

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