What Makes Content Shareable?

What Makes Content Shareable?

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What is the primary factor that drives someone to share your content? The New York Times found that 68% of people share content to give others a sense of who they are and what they care about.

In content marketing, getting audiences to share is a huge win in itself. It shows that the company understands their readers so much that they are motivated to share with their networks as a reflection of who they are.

All marketers aim to create shareable content to drive awareness, brand loyalty and eventually MQLs. But how do you actually do it?

Frost & Sullivan, a leading analyst firm, has constructed five characteristics of content that people can’t help but share:

  • Relevant. Content should be timely and address topics that are pertinent to your prospects. Your topics need to align with the different stages of the sales funnel to stay relevant throughout the sales process.
  • Clear. Make sure to strike an appropriate balance of providing the right amount of information in content. Providing value is key, but going too in depth can detract from the sales and marketing messaging intent. Content should concisely tackle a specific messaging objective while being easy to consume. This creates positive experiences that encourage prospects to re-engage.
  • Provocative. Content should present insights that challenge and intrigue the audience. For example, content may offer creative new perspectives or solutions to common challenges. Shareable content compels the audience to ask questions, comment, and engage in discussion to validate or reconsider their opinion.
  • Relatable. Quality B2B marketing content resonates with your target audience. It should identify with prospects’ challenges and pain points, and provide solutions to help them achieve their goals. When your content is relatable, prospective buyers and influencers are more likely to share it with peers who they believe will also find it useful.
  • Actionable. Content should elicit active responses from prospective buyers and influencers. It should encourage them to find more information, share the content, gather feedback from peers and engage in steps guiding them down the sales cycle.

Shared content not only extends the reach of your message, but it can be a powerful lead generation technique.

To learn more about creating shareable content that attracts and engages your target audience, download the complete guide: Shareable Content Increases Quality and Quantity of Leads.

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