Who Cares About Your Content?

Who Cares About Your Content?

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The success of your content hinges on appealing to your audience. In a recent webinar, Aligning Expert Speakers with Your Marketing Goals, Lisa Chen and Jessica Kahn of Rally Software, discuss the importance of knowing and communicating the aims of your webinar in order to help you plan content that is engaging and successful to your organization. During the webcast they explain how to create compelling content and identify 3 key stakeholders who will have an active interest in your webinar.

The Audience Engaging your target audience can be difficult. It can be even harder if the content is not focused or of interest to them. To ensure your content is relevant, identify what challenges your audiences are facing. How do these challenges affect them and what solutions are they looking for? Lisa Chen and Jessica Kahn use the example of a learner driver to demonstrate the importance of knowing your audience. The learner is interested in cars and is looking for information about driving. However, the majority will not want to hear about the mechanics of a car from a car expert, but rather appreciate information about how to drive the car safely. By acknowledging the real challenges that your audience faces, you can discern what content they will engage with and pitch the content at the correct level.

Speaker perspective Identifying the goals of your speakers will help you build a relationship with them and encourage them to present again. Some speakers may want content for their blog; some may want to share their knowledge and build their profile as an expert; some may want to generate leads. It is important that speakers get as much out of the event as you do in order to build a continuing, successful relationship. Following up with the speaker will allow you to review performance and move forward with the relationship. This can include showing the speaker how to embed content on a blog, sharing a post-event report, or a CSV file with the webinar feedback and questions.

You You care about the success of your webinar! Defining success will enable you to thoroughly evaluate your webinar program and make changes for the future. Again, goals can vary, ranging from good audience feedback and engagement to generating the right leads for your sales team. Sharing these goals and any existing information you may have about your audience will allow your speakers to tailor their content and make it more relevant.

Successful webinars take planning and communication. Goals, and the metrics you will use to evaluate them, need to be shared to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page. How do you research and identify the goals of your audience and speakers?

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