Who Is the IT Visionary? [Infographic]

Who Is the IT Visionary? [Infographic]

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With IT spend comprising a substantial chunk of business budgets today, we wanted to better understand what motivates IT buyers and how marketers can influence their purchase decisions.

To accomplish this, we studied the 750,000+ North American IT professionals on our platform to identify what topics they’re most interested in and what types of content resonate with them.

We’re sharing the complete results and takeaways for IT marketers on the BrightTALK Academy next week, but for now, here’s a sneak peek at what we found.

Want to learn more about how to influence today’s IT pros? We’ll be taking a deeper dive into these findings on Thursday, June 16 at 10am PT. Register here for the live webinar and Q&A presented by BrightTALK’s VP of Audience, Val-Pierre Genton.

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