Who to Target in Your Email Webinar and Video Promotion

Who to Target in Your Email Webinar and Video Promotion

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As original content becomes one of the differentiating factors that separate the good from the average marketers, giving strong content the exposure it deserves is crucial to the success of your campaigns. But who should you invite to attend your webinars and videos? To identify the right audience for your content, consider optimizing the types of audiences you have developed.

Here are three types of lists to consider when promoting webinars and videos with email.

Subscribers to your content. If they have attended your webinars and videos in the past, it is more likely that they will be interested in viewing your content again. Extend an invitation to your subscribers, while giving them enough advanced notice to be able to fit your program into their busy schedules. If you have a blog where readers can op-in to receive content updates, include your blog subscribers in your webinar and video promotion. You could also consider writing a post on the webinar or video and embed the content or link to it in the post.

Prospects. The people you’ve identified to be interested in what you do either through other lead generation efforts or that sales has identified will likely be interested in your content. Separate yourself from the noise and be heard by emphasizing the valuable knowledge and actionable advice prospective clients will gain by attending your webinar or video. Once again, be respectful of your prospects’ time – keep your email promotion concise and focus on answering the five main questions: what, when, where, why and how.

Current customers. If your content is about best practices, create stickiness with your current customers by reminding them how good you are in your area of expertise. Show customers that you are helping them achieve their goals by inviting them to attend your webinars and view your video. Because users online have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to content consumption, make sure the insights you are sharing are original and truly valuable. While repurposing content can be a valuable way to extend your reach, avoid recycling old content repeatedly – your audience will invariably notice and discredit you as a thought leader.

When planning the email promotion of your online events, it is important to think of your audience in human terms and recognize that different people online have different needs. Just as not everyone would be interested in every piece of content you produce, you don’t want to invite everyone to every video or webinar. Determine what stage a particular piece of content is in and then invite the relevant people. Optimize your webinar landing page for search and promote via social media so that others can find your content organically as well.

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